Digital Accessibility


Digitization for all ages

In an increasingly digitalised society, older adults are often not able to learn new technologies at the required pace. We are committed to digital accessibility, especially for older adults and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

EDENSOL organises computer courses for older adults, tailored to their needs: carrying out administrative procedures, making appointments, consulting medical reports, using digital banking, using videoconferencing programmes and social networks, among others.

EDENSOL actively participated in the campaign “+ pel meu barri” (+ for my neighbourhood), with the support of the Reale Fundation and the Council for Civic Relations, to promote digital culture in the neighbourhoods of Reus with the collaboration of neighbourhood associations.

This project has made it possible to set up 8 digital service and advice points in the social premises of the neighbourhood associations of Reus. These points have been equipped with computers and volunteers who have helped residents to learn how to carry out online procedures with the City Council and other administrations, as well as to ask questions.