Let's talk About us

Founded in 2001 in Tarragona, EDENSOL has evolved a lot since its origins, although training, technology and health have been its main pillars from the beginning.

In 2002, it was reorganised, adding different departments and increasing its participation in different consortiums in the healthcare sector, focusing its new line of action on the training of adults and the production and distribution of nutritional complements to the Spanish market. At the same time, a new product research department was set up.

Over the years, several collaboration agreements have been established with entities in the world of training and education in the province of Tarragona. Since then, we have worked on the design and evaluation of educational projects at an international level, working closely with subsidiary delegations in countries all over the world.

Currently, our main lines of action are adult education, health and technology, as well as participation in international projects and translations.


En EDENSOL DANMARC SL, trabajamos para ofrecer servicios a medida de nuestros clientes en los ámbitos de educación, investigación y nuevas tecnologías adaptadas a las necesidades de todo tipo de usuario.